Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The British Youth Portfolio

Ah, Hedi Slimane.
If you're familiar with Hedi, then you probably are aware of his fascination with the indie-rock scene
and attractive teenagers. They have been subject to his incredible photography, walked in his shows and he has started many modeling careers. This Thursday, you can pick up a copy of January's Dazed & Confused to have a glimpse at 34 pages of his talent in photographing them.

The "Teenage Takeover" edition is written entirely by teenagers, with the assistance of the editors, and all the shoots are done of and/or by teenagers. Hopefully this issue will abash some of society's conventional views of this generation.
For the Hedi Slimane shoot, he combed the streets of London, going to clubs, concerts, coffee shops, and anywhere they could find subjects to photograph. He was really looking for teens that could represent British youth of today.
All I can say is: job well done!

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jujusheart2 said...

Great concept and wonderful pictures!