Monday, December 15, 2008

Everyone Needs To Figure It Out

One of our good friends and biggest fans, has been pushing for a blog post in his honour. We happily obliged and granted him an interview to which he responded "you won't regret this!"
Unfortunately for him, the interview did not going as swimmingly as we had hoped.
He got flustered by the three of us attacking him with questions...
With one-word responses, that were primarily coming from other people, we were left wanting more.

Who is Mark? (also know as "Jerry O'Keefe")
What is his secret?
What "interesting and disturbing" childhood led him to where he is today?
Discerning the truth from his elaborate stories is another task altogether.

Perhaps the real appeal comes from the mystery that remains behind those unanswered questions.
Nobody will ever know the whole story.

What we know (besides the fact that he frequently takes of his shirt) is that he is observant, funny, easily scared, and fond of Victoria Secret's models.
Sometimes he talks in an Australian accent.
Sometimes he's mistaken for Justin Bobby.
Sometimes you can't take him seriously.
As he would describe himself: he's just a guy.

And that, ladies & gents, is our friend Mark.


highwaisted said...

oh man i can't believe you cracked!

Mackenzie Yeates said...

the best

Merrill M said...

he's sooooo dreamy!

Erika Altosaar said...

i just put up signs looking for "jerry o'keefe" because that's something justin bobby would do.