Saturday, February 14, 2009

Music of my Heart

Today is Valentine's Day and also happens to be the beginning of our long awaited reading week.  Merrill has already jetted off to London and Barcelona, and Hannah will be off to New York tomorrow. And me? I'll be staying in Toronto for my reading week. It won't be so bad though. This week I am planning on hanging around in my pajamas, listening to music, and spending time with my loves who are still here.
I'll be kept busy with a few new magazine purchases and with a bunch of music I've downloaded the past few days thank you to a great new blog, The Top Down. Blog author, Zack Vitiello, has a broad and unique knowledge of great music. Writing and taking concert photographs for Chart Magazine as well as interning at indie Toronto record label, Arts & Crafts, has exposed him to a lot of bands and has made him somewhat of a conossieur on the subject. He started off his blogging venture with a bang by writing reviews on what he believed to be the top ten albums of 2008.  Whether you're planning on putting on your sexiest dancing shoes, rocking out to some metal in your old leather jacket or curling up on the couch with the new copy of Nylon, Zack probably has a suggestion for some appropriate music to accompany the situation.  He has only begun to share his thoughts on the subject but I am already so excited for what more there is to come. Check out this little gem.




jules said...

Oh i love what I see so far, thanks for sharing this! Happy valentines day, make yours wonderful and sweet and eat lots of candy hearts.

SanaBee said...

You girls have a great blog. I love the idea: 3 gilrs,one blog. :)

Frederic said...


Rebeca said...

I love your outfits on lookbook!